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Where can I buy uniforms and required patches?


You may purchase the needed uniforms and patches at the Gottschalk Scout Shop.

Gottschalk Scout Shop
12401 West Maple Road
Omaha, NE 68164
PH 402-431-0700
Fax 402-898-9036
Toll Free 1-877-5BSAMAC

Check Hours of Operation before you leave.

At minimum, you will need a scout shirt, council patch, world scouting emblem and troop numerals "1" and a slide. You will not need a neckerchief, the troop will supply that.

What to bring camping?


The Troop Committee is charged with ensuring that enough equipment is procured to support camping trips.   Each patrol will have provided for them:

  • tents
  • cooking utensils
  • camp stove
  • wash bins (for washing dishes)
  • water jugs

Scouts will need to have the following personal gear:

  1. sleeping bag
  2. Water bottle and cup
  3. proper clothing (including hat & footware)
  4. rain poncho & rescue whistle
  5. personal first aid kit (described in detail in the Handbook)
  6. flashlight (and extra batteries)
  7. personal hygene items (TP, tooth brush, etc)
  8. Backpack (preferred) or duffel bag

In addition to the required items above, the following items are very helpful:

  1. folding camp chair
  2. Cot or air mattress
  3. "travel-size" games or playing cards (non-electronic)
  4. pocket knife (if he has earned Toten' Chip)
  5. compass
  6. hiking stick or stave
  7. sunscreen & insect repellent

How much does Scouting cost?


The Council charges an annual membership fee.  At this time that is $30.

There will be modest "food charges" for each monthly camping trip or outing, and a charge each year if your son attends week-long Summer Camp (highly encouraged!).

Fund Raisers are held as needed to fund new equipment, more elaborate camping destinations, or to allow boys to fund their OWN "scout account".


The membership fee - helps to pay for annual registration, Boys Life Magazine subscription.


Monthly "camp fee" (food charges) -  TYPICALLY, this should be $10-$15 each month.


Summer Camp Fee - Week-long Summer Camp is a great experience, and we encourage Scouts to attend every year. The average fee is $230 plus spending money. Please start saving for this NOW so that Camp is not a "financial burden" when payment is due (usually May of each year).


Fund Raising - held as needed to suppliment the cost of running the Troop. Covers new/replacment equipment (tents, stoves, cook gear, propane tanks, etc), or to cover the cost of more elaborate camping destinations. A portion is usually designated for Scout Accounts.


Scout Accounts - The Troop will allocate a portion of fund raising to each participating boy's own "Scout Account". This encourages boys to actively participate in fund raising efforts. The harder a Scout works, the more he will earn for himself. Funds are held in escrow by the Troop Treasurer, and can be used to reimburse Scouts for ANY Scouting-related expense.

 How do Scouts earn Merit Badges?


The day a boy signs his BSA application, he is eligible to start working on Merit Badges. 

Completing a Merit Badge involves 4 people... The Scout, the Scoutmaster, the Merit Badge Counselor (MBC), and the troop's Advancement Chair.

The process:

1.  Scout chooses a badge (or badges) that he'd like to work on (alone or with another Scout).

2   He informs the Scoutmaster of his intention to work on a badge, and is issued a "blue card" and given the contact information for a registered Merit Badge Counselor (MBC).  A MBC can be ANY registered MBC in any Council.  He is not obligated to work with counselors in his home unit or Council.

3.  The Scout(s) contact the MBC and make arrangements to meet as often as necessary to complete the badge requirements (following Youth Protection guidelines at all times).   Upon the first meeting, the Scout presents the MBC with the blue card, which the councilor keeps so that he can update completion dates and keep track of the Scout's progress.

4.  Upon completion, the MBC will sign all 3 segments of the blue card, and return it back to the Scout who in turn, presents it to the Scoutmaster for final signature indicating final recognition that all work is complete. 

5. The Scoutmaster will pass the signed segments along to the troop's Advancement Chairperson who will record the work on the Troop and Council levels, and ensure the Scout is presented with his badge on the next possible opportunity. 

6.  The Scout will be given 1 segment of his blue card which he must keep so that it can be produced when applying for his Eagle Rank.  The Troop should also retain a segment for their records.